First time in India a one stop solution for entrepreneurs to turn restauranteurs a support provided by IIM – A, Ex Army & restaurant industries top management people.

Meet Our Team

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Kaushik Das
(Founder & CEO)
(Retd) HS Walia
Chief Consultant Officer
Mr. Barun Sarkar
Borna Roy
HR & consulting field

Restaurant Guru

Restaurant Guru Innovative business models

i. Fine Dining, Take Away Restaurant & Multi-Brands Cloud Kitchen-Guru Express

ii. Multi-Brands Cloud Kitchen –Delivery Express

iii. Take Away Restaurant & Multi-Brands Cloud Kitchen- Junction Express

Guru Express

➢6000 to 1200 Square Feet Fine Dining & Kitchen Space

➢Location: At Main Road Side, Mall, and Market Area

➢Investment 7 to 12 lakh

➢3 to 8 lakh Average Monthly Revenue

➢6 to 12 month Break Even

Delivery Express

➢2-5 Brands Cloud Kitchen

➢ 150 To 300 Square Feet Kitchen Space

➢ Investment 1 to 2.5 lakh

➢ Within 2 month Break even

➢Monthly average revenue 60000 to 2 lakh

Junction Express

➢250 To 600 Square Feet Take Away & Kitchen Space

➢Location: At Main Road Side or Market Area

➢Average Investment 3 to 6 lakh

➢3 to 6 month Average Break even

➢Monthly Average Revenue 1 to 4 lakh

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